Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SetupX - rawdata access

ever had the desire to access the rawdata in SetupX, because the gui doesn't give you easy or access at all to it?

First you need to understand what's happening in the background. The used approache for setupx looks like a mapping from a tree to a table structure. Which is a valid approach and keeps it very flexible in therory, but is not a real pratical solution. Specially since it's a real pain to write queries for.

Get all species:

select distinct value from formobject where question = 'species' and value != ''

Get all organs:

select distinct lower(value) from formobject where question in ( 'organ','organ name','Organs','Organ specification' ) and value != ''

we need to use lower, cause people have a 'strange' way of spelling things

work in progress!

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