Wednesday, April 1, 2015

adding program shortcuts to the context menu of windows

ever since I got the surface pro 3, loving it, I ended up doing a lot of programming under windows and rediscovering this platform.

So one of my first things I had todo was to add/optimize some context menu entries to simplify the progress of getting console2 to open at specific directories. Basically trying to replace the cmd program as much as possible.


got to:


edit 'Command Prompt here' 

set as new command

"C:\terminal\Console.exe"  -d  "%L"

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

simple oneliner to create an index over all the massbank indexes

I'm quite often playing around with massbank these days and always like to have a simple index of all there files in a single directory instead of dealing with all there sub directories.

find ./ -name '*.txt' -exec bash -c "f=\$(basename {} ); ln -fs {} ./all/\$f" \;

basically takes care of all these issues for you