Thursday, February 10, 2011

locking an application to a space in OSX Snowleopard

since i have several monitors connected to my max I like to have some apps always in one window on the same screen and not have to keep searching for it.

Most importantly I always want to keep my browser and terminal on the right screen and on the left screen I have several different IDE's.


  • eclipse in space 1
  • intellij in space 2
  • etc
  1. Go to your System Preferences and enable Spaces.
  2. Now, in the box in the middle of the Spaces settings that says Application Assignments, add an application using the + button.
  3. Just navigate to the chosen program in your Applications folder.
  4. Now the trick here is in the Space column to choose Every Space from the picklist.
  5. rinse and repeat for all applications