Thursday, March 11, 2010

i just love groovy for tasks like this...

sometimes you have these annoying little tasks on your hands and I always forget the bash syntax and it’s been a while since I seriously played with python.

So I thought, hey let’s try groovysh.


  • read wordlist
  • convert to lowercase
  • remove parts of words

new File("en_US.dic").text.split("\n").each{ new File("result.txt").append "${it.split("/")[0].toLowerCase()}\n" }

ok after a bit more coding I actually wrote a groovy script

  • read file
  • read file with words we do not want in word list
  • convert all values to lowercase
  • remove duplicated values
  • save to output file
really nothing fancy, but get’s the job done and took like 3 minutes to write and won’t be used again.

Set<String> cache = new HashSet<String>()
Set<String> result = new HashSet<String>()

new File(“whitelist.txt”).text.split(“\n”).each{ it.split("\t").eachWithIndex{

        String s, int index ->

                if(index > 0){

new File(“blacklist.txt”).text.split(“\n”).each{
        if(cache.contains(it.toLowerCase()) == false){

File out = new File("wordlist.txt")

        out.append it
        out.append "\n"

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