Tuesday, July 28, 2009

updating more than one div with grails and ajax

sometimes it happens that you have to update several div's on one webpage, when you click on a form or a button.

Now you can either reload the complete page, which can take a while with a lot of data or just queue remote functions in a java script function like this

function addStandard() {

if (YAHOO.example.container.addstandard) {

//get our element values
var conc = document.getElementsByName('qs_concentration')[0].value;
var pattern = document.getElementsByName('qs_pattern')[0].value;

//calls the remote functions
controller: 'management',
action: 'addStandard_ajax',
params: '\'conc=\' + escape(conc) + \'&pattern=\' + escape(pattern)',
update: 'registered_standards')}

controller: 'messenger',
action: 'showMessage',
params: '\'message=you should recalculate the database now!\'',
update: 'messenger')}

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