Thursday, July 23, 2009

grails remote function on image or checkbox

Today I was in the situation that I wanted to call a remote function on an image to emulate a button, to delete an object with a specific id.

It's simple enough,

<img name="${standard.getPosition()}" src="${createLinkTo(dir: 'images', file: 'remove.gif')}" alt="zoom" onclick="${remoteFunction(
controller: 'management',
action: 'removeStandard_ajax',
params: '\'standard=\' + + escape(',
update: 'registered_standards')}"/>

To make live easy we just save the id in the name field of the image, but you can also save it somewhere else, depending on your requirements.

Now another thing you can do is todo the same thing for checkfields.

<input type="checkbox" id="cacheSetting" name="cacheSetting" onchange="${remoteFunction(
controller: 'management',
action: 'updateCache_ajax',
params: '\'cacheSetting=\' + escape(this.checked)',
update: 'general_config')}"/>

If you want to preserve the check state you can do this with this

<input type="checkbox" id="cacheSetting" name="cacheSetting" <%if(cacheSetting) println "checked"%> onchange="${remoteFunction(
controller: 'management',
action: 'updateCache_ajax',
params: '\'cacheSetting=\' + escape(this.checked)',
update: 'general_config')}"/>

and an example controller function could look like this

def updateCache_ajax = {
assert params.cacheSetting != null, "you need to provide \"cacheSetting\" in the params object"

//define our model
def model = new HashMap()

//build the model
model.cacheSetting = BinBaseQualityConnector.getQualityConfigService().isCaching()

render(template: "general", model: model)

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