Monday, March 11, 2013

Lift - getting access to a database

Since I recently started to play more and more with lift. I discovered that it's not always as easy as you think it is and once you find a solution it was easy indeed.

For example I want to connect to my database server, but have no desire to actually use any form of OR mapping.

So after googleing a bit and woundering how todo this. It's all rather simple.

In your Boot.scala file

def boot {
    // where to search snippet

    // Build SiteMap

    //rest based stuff

     * connection url for lift
    val vendor = new StandardDBVendor("org.postgresql.Driver","jdbc:postgresql://****/****",Full("username"),Full("password")) with ProtoDBVendor{
      override def maxPoolSize = 100
      override def doNotExpandBeyond = 200
    DB.defineConnectionManager(DefaultConnectionIdentifier, vendor)


This basically defines what to connect to and a connection pool with a max of 100 connections.

To actually access this connection and todo something with it, well this is remarkable easy.

          DB.performQuery("select * from data")

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