Tuesday, November 1, 2011

kinesis avantage pro - day one

so the keyboard got finally delivered and now Im in the progress of learning typing again and to say i'm inefficient is quite and understatement. I mean the layout is so weird and my hands feel way to big for this keyboard and i'm constantly hunting for the letters.

most frustrating things so far:

- only one space button instead of two
- i'm using muscles in my hand I never used before, I'm actually getting sore from typing after just a minute or two
- the enter button is in the most awkward spot ever, why cant the keyboard be a bit wider, so that there can be a dedicated enter button to be hit with my right pinky and a dedicated backspace button for the left pinky
- the right side of the keyboard if way more confusing than the left side
- the buttons are just a touch to large
- no dedicated number block, only a funky food pedal to switch some buttons around

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