Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Over the last couple of days I was thinking about creating a small grails to show the speed of development with grails. The goal was to create an application in less than 24h, which is able to track your medications and at the same time has some important features.

The original idea came from spending the last 5 days with my wife's sick sister and see how difficult and confusing it was to track all her different medications. Specially since there were 3 people involved doing this and nobody really know, which medications did she already receive.

What does the user want:

  • easily enter a new prescription
  • see which medications have been taken
  • show when to take a medication
  • show the medication's in form of a calendar

What did I want as a developer:
  • easy to use
  • multi user access
  • ajax driven/jquery
  • calendar interface
  • auto complete
  • multi platform support (ipad/windows/linux/osx)
  • able to run without a tomcat installation
  • don't look like a standard grails scaffolding application
  • use as few mouse clicks as possible
how does it look after 16h of work?

weekly overview

prescription overview

adding a prescription

What is missing?

I think at this point in time the application does what it's supposed todo, but some nice features would be:

  • iPad support as a native application
  • internationalization
  • share your prescription plan with another user
  • send out an email, 30 minutes before a medication has to be used
  • soap/rest based access 
Where can I get it?

You can download the application here

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