Wednesday, February 24, 2010

rocks linux cluster - mounting an nfs share on all nodes

after setting up the latest cluster I tried to provide to all nodes a couple of nfs shares, since user demanded this.

Well in rocks linux it's rather simple, once you understand the concept behind.

So a step to step tutorial.

  • go to the profile directory
  • cd /export/rocks/install/site-profiles/5.3/nodes/
  • make a copy of the skeleton file
  • cp skeleton.xml extend-compute.xml
  • edit file to tell it that we need to create a directory and add a line to the fstab. The right place for this is in the post section

    mkdir -p /mnt/share

    <file name="/etc/fstab" mode="append">
    server:/mount /mnt/share nfs defaults 0 0

  • change back to the main install dir
  • cd /export/rocks/install
  • rebuild rocks distibution
  • rocks create distro
  • rebuild nodes
  • ssh compute-0-0 '/boot/kickstart/cluster-kickstart'

congratulations if you did everything right your node should now boot up and have a directory mounted.

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