Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SQL - small mistakes, big impact

the last couple of days I was fighting with a database which became slower and slower and slower and now needed close to 24h to execute a rather simple query...

After working for hours on different parameters and tuning the database, including setting up a spare server to see if a dump and restore fixes the issues I got the time down to 5 minutes.

Sounds good?

well not really since I needed an execution in the range of a couple of seconds. So I actually looked at the sql statement which caused issues and found a gigantic error in it...

the statement:

select * from BIN where bin_id not in ( SELECT bin_id from SPECTRA where sample_id = 424105 AND SPECTRA.bin_id = BIN.bin_id)

and the correct statement would be:

select * from BIN a where a.bin_id not in ( SELECT bin_id from SPECTRA where sample_id = 424105 and bin_id is not null) ORDER BY retention_index ASC

the problem?

SPECTRA.bin_id = BIN.bin_id

this little part is totally wrong in the whole statement and causes a seq scan over a table with 70 Million entries against a table with 6000 entries. It does nothing for the queries and I guess it was left over from a copy/paste accident 6 years ago when I wrote this script originally.

let's compare some numbers:

explain before:

Seq Scan on bin (cost=0.00..459513.42 rows=3044 width=1290)
Filter: (NOT (subplan))
-> Bitmap Heap Scan on spectra (cost=75.20..75.42 rows=2 width=8)
Recheck Cond: ((sample_id = 424105::double precision) AND (bin_id = ($0)::double precision))
-> BitmapAnd (cost=75.20..75.20 rows=2 width=0)
-> Bitmap Index Scan on spectra_sample_id (cost=0.00..18.99 rows=5696 width=0)
-> Bitmap Index Scan on spectra_binid (cost=0.00..56.18 rows=17658 width=0)
Index Cond: (sample_id = 424105::double precision)
Index Cond: (bin_id = ($0)::double precision)

explain after:

Sort (cost=1765.47..1766.23 rows=3044 width=1290)
Sort Key: retention_index
-> Seq Scan on bin a (cost=647.21..1747.86 rows=3044 width=1290)
Filter: (NOT (hashed subplan))
-> Index Scan using spectra_sample_id on spectra (cost=0.00..646.42 rows=3138 width=8)
Index Cond: (sample_id = 424105::double precision)
Filter: (bin_id IS NOT NULL)

in real world number this translates to 24 hours before statement compared to 4 seconds after statement...

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